Night Curfew and Corona Virus

By: Zainul Abdin Nadwi
Sant Kabir Nagar

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown was imposed in the last phase of March month last year (March 2020). Since then, a complete year has passed, and now due to spike in Corona positive cases recently, second wave of lockdown has started with the implementation of “night curfew” (Corona Curfew) in different States of India. The Central (State) government has continuous been issuing advisories and guidelines to people to maintain social distancing, wear masks (in the day), and now “night curfew” is being implemented, while the people are staying indoors. Here arises a question: what is the logic behind imposing curfew at night when the people in general, except in emergency cases, already stay inside their homes during the night? Another question that arises is that how can we stop corona by closing of shops when the public are free to travel and going here and there? Third question is that what’s relationship between Ramadan and Corona? We see that 40 doctor in government hospital have tested covid positive even after they were vaccinated. So what’s value of vaccination? We also come to know through different sources that many people have died even after they had taken vaccination for prevention from Covid-19. These vaccinated persons were healthy before that vaccination. However, on the other side we see that at a number of places, especially those places where elections were held or are going to be held soon, many poltical leaders addressed a congregation of thousands of people, without following any guide line. Corona doesn’t reach to them. What’s matter? I think that government is playing a “political game”even with the corona/covid pandemic.